Updates & New info

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. We will have a booth set up by our 10-11 65 #607 Jackson Bishops family to help promote awareness. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. It is a form of bone cancer that is very aggressive. He is fortunate that it was caught early and his prognosis is good. As you know, he is not the first child over the years that is part of our racing family to be touched by cancer. This is a very special cause to us so please stop by the booth (near registration) and say hello or shave your head to show support :) *We will be collecting and saving can tabs (soda, beer, energy drinks, etc) at CCFG for the Ronald McDonald House in honor of childhood cancer awareness month. It helps the families that need to stay there while their child is in the hospital receiving care. We will have several containers in different locations for drop offs. 

*Update & reminder: 2014 Banquet is December 6th at the Split Rock Resort. I will have your reservation forms available soon on line and at the races. Start making your plans now as Nov 5th will be the deadline to securing your Hotel reservations. Also, we will be switching over to the number system on the starting lines and helmets for next season, meaning: if you are are the front line you will have a #1 sticker on your helmet and you will be on line #1 , if you are the 6th line to take off then you will have a #6 on the back of your helmet and on line 6, etc…no more color coding, we are simplifying the process. Please do not panic if you don’t understand how it will work…just match the number on the starting line to the number on your helmet and line up :)

2014 UPDATES, REMINDERS & ALERTS so your prepared for round 1 of the NEOC: We will be posting new updates as we edge closer. stay tuned

1. YOU WILL BE GIVEN A DAY NUMBER FOR ROUND 1 TO RACE WITH if you have not purchased your 2014 number as of yet. This will be a temporary number assigned to you just for the first event. You can still hand in your application to be processed by us after the event but due to the time restraints and amount of riders we are expecting we are not allowing the time for annual numbers to be processed. You have had plenty of time to get this done. This takes extra minutes to do and we all know what happens when a snowball begins to roll…..

2. Parent/legal guardian MUST be present when a minor(under 18) is signing up for race event. If you are bringing a minor that is NOT YOUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY then you MUST have a notarized form from minors parents/legal guardian granting you permission to sign for him and/or be responsible for any decisions that need to be made for said minor. (This has been stated in our rules since the beginning)

3. REGISTRATION TIMES: There will be NO MORE Mr. Nice Ladies at sign ups for the guys that get to the event 5 minutes before their race starts and expect us to accommodate them. As it has ALWAYS stated in the rules, YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP AT LEAST 1/2 HOUR BEFORE YOUR EVENT AND ON THE STARTING LINE 15 MINUTES BEFORE START FOR RIDERS MEETINGS. We are enforcing this rule. We have found that in being nice and letting “just one more last minute guy through” many have forgotten the registration rule and that we were doing a courtesy not an obligation. If you use foul language or are rude and insulting to our ladies at signs you will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to register for the days event. Allowing people to sign up after that 1/2 hour mark puts the scoring trailers end of things in a rush and behind (the snowball effect). THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN ANY LONGER. They have many things to do to prepare for the next event. Please do your part by showing up in ample time to register for your event. SATURDAY 10am-4pm and SUNDAY 7am-1pm; TO ACCOMADATE OUR GIRLS WE WILL HAVE A 15 MINUTE CLOSING TIME FOR THEM TO TAKE CARE OF “BUSINESS” SAT 1-1:15 & SUN 9-9:15

4. BRING YOUR 2014 NEOC COMP CARD TO REGISTRATION so we can make sure all information is correct.

5. NEOC Wave Radio Station for Live announcing with Chuckie 87.9

6. www.racetimerlive.com  Get the score online from your Smart Phone!  Go to the non-mobile, full-site option, which is better (for now) & search “NEOC”. The current event will show up after the 1st rider passes through scoring.


8. PARK SMART so everyone will fit. Be respectful to all your new neighbors moving in when setting up your camp.

9. You MUST race 6 events to count for year end points. Deadline to get your application in is August 31st. THERE WILL BE NO grace period or exceptions to this rule. We have things to do for the banquet in December. If you haven’t bought your number by then…well, we feel you weren’t that serious about points to begin with anyhow.

10. Bring your Driving License ID with you if you are writing a Check for payment at the race.