Tutor Time

Tutor Time has been updated to provide a more structured atmosphere/class format as follows:

There are two separate classes  for Tutor TIme:  Advanced Skills and Basic Skills.  The Basic Skills will be for Oil Injected and Entry Level riders only.  The Advanced Skills will be for Advanced Oil Injected, Two Stroke Minis, and Thumpers up to 4 strk 80cc.  Class size will be limited to 20 riders for each class.  Riders must wear helmet, boots, goggles, and gloves.

The Tutor Time class instructors will go over trail markers, talk about the skills that they are working on, give a demonstration, run the riders  through the skill and make suggestions for improvement, and follow up with a review on trail markers.

  **IMPORTANT**:  Tikes on Bikes participants ARE NOT  eligible for Tutor Time, this is strictly for the scored racers.  There will be NO electric bikes, training wheels, four wheelers, 100cc and up two strokes or and 151cc and up four strokes allowed in the Tutor Time classes.

Tutor Time Sign-ups & Class Times:

Advanced Skills sign up 9:00-9:15 class 9:15-10:00

Basic Skills sign up 10:00-10:15 class 10:15-11:00

At CCFG we will meet and do sign up for Advanced at the gate. Every other
event and all Basic we will meet and do sign up at the start.