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2015 Info & Application   Welcome to the 2015 season. We are ready for some fun this year with no pressure! Its back to the basics and roots of the NEOC-Enjoying the sport for the simple pleasure of it with our family and friends. Just a brief update from me to you: I know I have been off the grid for awhile but I am back at the helm again. My father suffered a stroke a week before Christmas which at this point has left him paralyzed on his right side and taken most of his audible speech with him. His mind is good so he is struggling with being trapped inside his body right now and for a extremely strong, independent retired sea captain that has been surf fishing everyday since his retirement, his worst nightmare has come true. I am sharing this with all of you so you understand where I have been and what our family has been going through. With the wonderful doctors and nurses taking great care of my father and his strong will, we are praying he will recover most if not all of his abilities back. This information is not for pity or an excuse on why I haven’t been around, it is simply to show that life can change in the blink of an eye without warning at any given time. I am blessed to have a supportive family and great friends around me to help bare the load of watching my dad struggle through this time in his life. This chapter is a hard one and I will be glad when I turn the page to a new one and even though I don’t want to read the pages I know it will be one that I remember the most………..

NJFOD Iteration 7 Click Here     The NEOC  would like to welcome a new sponsor to the Family: The New Lilliston Honda Powersports Vineland NJ 856-896-6700 www.LillistonHonda.com Stop by and say hello! KTM_logo       

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