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Rd 6 CCFG 2 Event info     RD 6 PRE-REGISTRATION

2016 Year End Awards Info

Rd 5 Holly Farm Race Report


Just a reminder; If you did not get your 2016 NEOC seasonal number then you will be pulled from the year end points. All day riders will still receive event awards if they race this last one coming up. Day riders will be included in race results just not in the year end points page. All SIX races count for points, meaning there are no throwaways. You MUST  race FIVE of the six to be counted in the year end points.  After rd 5 we will be pulling names and going over everything for the final event. CHECK YOUR NAMES, SPELLING, DUPLICATE ENTRIES, POINTS, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS! If you have any questions or comments  please contact me at NEOC@COMCAST.NET or 856 421 3421.

NEOC News & Updates


Brian and I would like to announce with much love and heavy hearts that we are hanging our helmets up at the conclusion of this … Read more

Rd 5 The Holly Farm/Coyote Full Race Report

Rd 5 The Holly Farm/Coyote Oct 8th & 9th started out like all the other events…..watching the weather channel with fingers crossed. Tuesday we were … Read more

Rd 4 The Cat 2 Full Race Report

Round 4 The Cat 2 Sept 10th & 11th fell on a historical sad day for our country as all know, 9/11, so naturally the … Read more

Rd 3 THE CAT BRIAR Full Race Report

Posted on by Noel | 1 Comment

What a GRAND GIFT from U.S. SILICA…They put their faith in us because we had faith in you which was rewarded by Mother Nature giving … Read more

Rd 2 The Whitetail Race Report

Posted on by Noel | 1 Comment

Rd 2 The Whitetail Mother’s Day weekend May 7th & 8th event was yet another one of Mother Nature’s gift from the clouds above us. … Read more