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Rd 5 The Coyote/Holly Farm Oct 8th & 9th Event INFO

Rd 5 Coyote/Holly Farm PRE REGISTRATION is OPEN

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Rd 4 The Cat 2 Full Race Report

Round 4 The Cat 2 Sept 10th & 11th fell on a historical sad day for our country as all know, 9/11, so naturally the … Read more

Rd 3 THE CAT BRIAR Full Race Report

Posted on by Noel | 1 Comment

What a GRAND GIFT from U.S. SILICA…They put their faith in us because we had faith in you which was rewarded by Mother Nature giving … Read more

Rd 2 The Whitetail Race Report

Posted on by Noel | 1 Comment

Rd 2 The Whitetail Mother’s Day weekend May 7th & 8th event was yet another one of Mother Nature’s gift from the clouds above us. … Read more

Rd 1 CCFG 2016 Full Race Report

CCFG Round 1 April 9th & 10th 2016 Season 9 started out with a good kick in the go-nads from Mother Nature for all of … Read more